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Pecha Kucha Boston 4 poster 1

Pecha Kucha Boston 4 is fewer than two weeks away!

Pecha Kucha Boston 4 poster

Please post and distribute the CC licensed event poster.

UPDATE: 4000px PNG

Pecha Kucha Tokyo 50 and video podcast 0

Congratulations Pecha Kucha Tokyo on your 50th event!

Pecha Kucha Boston recorded a 20 second video greeting (and outtake).

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Pecha Kucha Boston 4 1

Save the date. Pecha Kucha Boston 4 will be held Thursday, April 10 at 8pm in Gund Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

Piper Auditorium during the event

Electronic Max's setup during intermission

Until April, join the Flickr group and Facebook group.
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Pecha Kucha Boston 3 speakers 0

  • Ana Duran, Harvard GSD
  • Ben Fry,
  • Benjamin Fortunato and Quilian Riano, Harvard GSD re: journal
  • Daniel Paluska, MIT Media Lab
  • David Oliver, Cusp Development, Drawing Pod
  • Gretchen Schneider and Kara Peet, BAC Summer Academy
  • Kate Hollenbach, MIT Media Lab
  • Kelly Wilson, Harvard GSD
  • Marco Raab, Blank Mosseri (scheduled, but unable to attend)
  • Neil Freeman, Harvard GSD
  • Pedro Duarte Bento, B76′
  • Steven Nutter, Millery Dyer Spears
  • Wei Bao, Harvard GSD
  • Yung Ho Chang, MIT Architecture Department

T. Kelly Wilson

Daniel Paluska

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